Oh, Ryan Murphy, How the Mind Reels…

Well, everybody, it’s officially October!  You may now cue your squeals of delight!  It’s the month of pumpkins, candy corn and Halloween.  That’s not all though.  While some of you may not realize it, the month of October also signifies the start of something pretty extraordinary.  I know that your on the edge of your seat…knees bouncing with intrigue and excitement to find out what I’m speaking of.  Well if you guessed, popcorn balls, you’re sadly mistaken.  You see, ladies and gentlemen, October means American Horror Story!


From the delightfully twisted mind of Mr. Ryan Murphy, each October brings us a new installment of this disturbing anthology.  It’s safe to say that the obsession I have for this series borders on obscene.  When one story ends, I pine for the next one to begin.  And next week, the wait is finally over!

Like a lot of people, I first became aware of Ryan Murphy because of Glee.  I fought against that damn musical t.v. show long and hard, but eventually, it’s adorable quirkiness and snarky characters won me over.  Once I started watching, I was hooked.  So when I heard about Mr. Murphy’s new project, I was instantly intrigued.  The first thing I noticed… this was no Glee.

There’s gore and mystery, creepy sex and circus freaks.  The things they’ve put on film have a tendency to turn your stomach.  I barely made it through Asylum without puking (or having a full blown anxiety attack.)

So start your month off right!  Set your DVR’s, or park your butts on the sofa.  The new season, Hotel, starts on October 7th.  For you AHS virgins out there, don’t miss out on this warped, little hour of television.  And for all of the tried and true veterans…it looks like this is gonna be a good one!

Which season of the show has been your favorite so far?  It’s a constant battle between Coven and Murder House for me!

***A little side note – the jury’s still out on Mr. Murphy’s other new show, Scream Queens, for any of you that are interested.  The whole corny horror/comedy thing is either way too much, or just one more stroke of genius.  I’ll keep you guys posted if I ever make a decision!***


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